Helping you attract clients with irresistible content? That's how I roll.

Hello! I’m Hailey Dale. Wand-Waving Content Strategist + Principal at Trunked Creative.

Hailey Dale - Content Strategist at Trunked Creative

I partner with small business owners every day to build their content empires by helping them craft…

irresistible blog & newsletter content

engaging social media strategies

plus creating content campaigns, overall strategies and systems

You want your business to do more than just stand out. Deep down you see your business as your way of helping make the world a better, more beautiful place.

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to help you reach your business goals (in the most direct way possible) AND to help you have more fun while doing it!

For me – business is about connection, passion and alignment. These are the types of businesses I serve best.

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My Cred (Street & Otherwise)

  • 11 years experience in working with very large to itty-bitty businesses to build their content strategies & online presences
  • MA Degree in Communications with focus in Strategic Communications 

Some Other Tids & Tads

  • My favourite show ever is Gilmore Girls – I watch the whole series annually
  • I love Halloween – I start months in advance planning my pumpkin carving strategy, themed parties and cutest dog costumes for Dozer (whose also the official mascot of
    Trunked Creative)

  • I colour every morning (no joke)

  • Even though I have a penchant for bright colours and patterns, 90% of my wardrobe is black

  • If I’m not working, chances are I’m curled up somewhere with an Americano & a book (I’ve finished 1-2 novels a week since
    I was 7)

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