When I first heard about the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp by Denise Duffield-Thomas, I remember my first reaction was to dismiss it as silly, just another thing in the vein of The Secret which “normal” people couldn’t actually buy into. 

But through a series of events, her terrific free content (like this free Manifesting Course) which really did work for me and after months of not making any real money in my business – I did it. I took the leap and realized that maybe there was something to all this mindset stuff.

Maybe by not paying attention, I was missing out on the most important key ingredient to being an entrepreneur — and I would come to realize that mindset is the make-or-break-it thing when it comes to business success. 

But before I talk more about my story with the program and the ways that working on my mindset have improved my business, I want to talk about another thing I noticed – the connection between manifesting and your content. 

After doing the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp and working through it (it still continues to be a part of my everyday morning routine – even two years later) – I noticed all the ways that mindset and manifesting are baked into the success of content marketing. 

My Review of the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp from Denise Duffield-Thomas

Here are some ways that Manifesting and Content are directly related:

Have an intention for your content When we hold an intention for our content, we’re better able to see its role in supporting our overall business goals. For every blog post I write, I think what would the outcome look like if this was an incredible success? And how would I feel if that were to happen? It seems really simple, but it also caused a big shift in my content results. 

Content brings opportunities you couldn’t even begin to imagine Along with setting intentions for my content, I began seeing opportunities pop up that I never even realized were possibilities. And this is part of the Lucky Bitch methodology – setting intentions but leaving them open by saying this or something better. Once I started doing this, all sorts of completely unexpected things began to happen from even the simplest of blog posts. Like a $20,000 per year content management contract when I hadn’t even put my 1-on-1 service packages on my website yet!

The money sitting right in front of you The final thing that happened after I followed the Lucky Bitch program was how I started to see opportunities for abundance everywhere around me. Especially with my content. I began to see (and experience) how every piece of content I created was an asset that could be repackaged different ways to bring in real revenue for my business. A textbook renewable resource. 

So back to my story with the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

I signed up for the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp in 2014 and it took me awhile to get through it – but it’s one of the (very, very, very) few courses that I actually come back to on regular basis (like every single morning as part of my morning routine).

Within the first few post-Bootcamp months, I was having a regular income in my business for the first time – even when I didn’t hustle or stress about it anymore. And then within a year, I had tripled my month revenue and was constantly busting through mental blocks I had around money and my income ceiling. It’s such a great mix of practical daily actions, bigger and longer-term mindset work and intellectual/spiritual a-ha’s – plus the community is easily one of the most inspiring, supportive and uplifting hangout spots on the Internet.

I would recommend it to everyone – but especially to entrepreneurs, it should be required learning. 

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