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I shared a little bit in my newsletter about that sucky feeling of being burned by investing in the wrong things, but it went a little something like this…

Like pretty much everyone online I’ve been BURNED by certain online coaches, courses and programs I’ve signed up for (you know those ones where they promise you the moon and give you sand instead?)

Yep, been there, done that. And I’m pretty sure you may have too.

And that’s exactly why I wrote this post – to help you kibosh buyer’s remorse and tell you how I’ve learned to evaluate and pick my tried and true courses and programs.


How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse with Programs by Trunked Creative

Here’s what we’re covering:

  • Benefits of joining paid stuff (and why I think they’re a must to really grow your biz)
  • How to evaluate potential new purchases and avoid the buyer’s remorse gut punch
  • My Top 10 program investments so far

Why you should bother joining paid programs

Holla to the DIYers and figure-it-out-by-yourselfers out there. And while there are some things that have to be learned the hard way, trying to run your whole business with this type of mentality? Well, that’s an express ticket to getting nowhere real quick.

Sorry, that’s a little harsh. But it’s also true.

Here are the main reasons I’m a total fan of joining paid groups:

(although not all paid groups, more on that one later)


Focus on implementation

Information is cheap, but implementing that information is too expensive for most people. That’s where your opportunity for growth lies.

In my experience, this is also the difference between free and paid offers and groups. While free often focuses on giving valuable information, paid groups have more of an implementation and accountability focus.

My money’s better spent implementing than just collecting more information than I could ever possible use.


Paid programs vs free ones:

When you join a free Facebook group or program, the level of commitment amongst other participants is usually negligible.

It’s just like with Internet dating, the good fish aren’t actually on Plenty of Fish, they’re usually on the paid sites. The barrier to entry (having to exchange $ for <3) filters out the ones who aren’t serious.

While this isn’t always the case, it’s pretty typical.

Major exception for this puppy – Amber always brings it when it comes to her free trainings. So consider this to be your front row seat to a better business #puregold

 Amber McCue video series

Making your investment back:

I’ve almost always made my investment back in the programs I choose. Think about it – you’re getting to hang out with other people who believe in paying for what you need to learn or want in your business. #IdealClientsAbound

And even if you’re not selling to others in the program, you’re building relationships. And whodoyathink is going to be top of their mind when someone asks them who they refer who’s amazing at {insert your superpower here}? You!


How evaluate potential new purchases and avoid the buyer’s remorse gut punch

Examine your motives – Why do you really want to sign up?

Make sure that you want to take it for YOU and for a real reason.

Horribly embarrassing reasons I’ve signed up for things in past:

  • Everyone else was doing it
  • It was something to do
  • I had a someday interest in the topic
  • It didn’t cost much so I figured what-the-H.

So make sure that you’re okay admitting to your motives for the program before plopping in your payment details.


Check potential purchases against your goals for the year/quarter/month – do they line up?

Another good way to decide if a program is for you or not is to evaluate them alongside the goals you’ve set for yourself. Maybe you still want to do it at some point but not right now.

Don’t fall for that whole line You better join now cause I’m never running it again or I’ll be quadrupling the price next time. Bullsh*t. If they’re abandoning ship after this round that’s even more reason not to join. #truthbomb #probablynotthatgoodinthefirstplace

I’ve been told by at least 3 people that their brilliant strategy for choosing the right programs was to declare an area of focus. For the month or quarter or even year, they’ll have a personal/professional development goal based on what they learn. Anything that doesn’t support that goal can be put aside for later. It’ll just get in the way.


Who else will be signing up? What are the networking opportunities?

Another reason for joining the paid program is the relationships with other participants (and the leader) that you can form by going through it together.

A couple of notes on this –

Think it’s a good idea to join if everyone else you know is joining too? Think again.

The best way to leverage these opportunities is to use them to join other circles full of cool people that you maybe don’t know that well yet (terrifying as an introvert, but true)

Todd Herman said something in a coaching call for the 90 Day Year that has stuck with me – I’m probably messing this up really badly but the way I’ve remember it is that the best way to increase your own visibility and network is to think of networking as tiny circles.

What are all the places where you can go where you don’t know anyone? Think of these as tiny circles. Join new circles, get to know and support the members there. This is the easiest way to practically go about expanding your network with valuable connections.

And paid groups? This is one of your best tools for utilizing this methodology.


Does it have a refund policy?

I used to be so scared of asking for a refund even if they had refund criteria in place that I met. I would seethe for a couple beats then just let it go. Writing the money off as just another bad decision.

Now if I’m on the fence about something and their policy allows for it, I’ll sign up (as long as it also meets the other 3 criteria above).

Some programs  just aren’t going to be a great fit for you – they’re advertised as something they’re not, they’re too beginner or advanced or they even rely on a learning style that doesn’t work for you.

Just be clear on the refund policy and follow it to the T.


My Fave Five (+ One, Cause I Can’t Help Myself)

I’ve signed up for a lot of amazing programs (as well as those duds I referred too but those are diff story)!

Here are my favourites of favourites at this moment:

(but just like I tell my husband multiple times a week, I reserve the right to change my mind and add to this list haha):


Freshly Implemented by Amber McCue

Used to open once a year but now she’s opening it up again. I’ve signed up for this mastermind / group training program for three years running. It’s mostly replaced the need for a 1:1 coach for me and I love the accountability and on-demand support it offers.

 Amber McCue video series


Double it Society by Scoop Industries

I signed up for this at the same time as a 1:1 coach with the goal of upping the service side of my business. This membership (60ish a month?) has been hands-down way more useful, informative and actionable than the $7000 coach I signed up for. If you run a service-based business, do yourself a favour and get in here (if it meets your goals, that is!) – join the waitlist here


Savvy Business Circle by Heather Crabtree

It’s a testament to her big heart and leadership but even though this program ended a year’ish ago, our mastermind group is still in touch and supporting each other. My business few so much during my time in the Circle. While the Circle only opens once a year, the Savvy Business Community is Heather’s membership program which you can grab a FREE pass to test it out here.


Obsessed by Melissa Cassera

The most fun I’ve ever had in a course. I love the LIFE this year-long course/program breathed into my business and copy. Only opens once a year but so flippin’ worth the wait. Join the waitlist here.


Lucky Bitch Bootcamp by Denise Duffield-Thomas

I’m not particularly woo but you don’t have to be to access the huge mindset shifts that this course offers. Whenever I follow the daily practices outlined in this course, my income and *luck* reflects it. This course is open all-year round and the community is the lucky bee’s knees. Check it out here.


Introvert’s Paradise by Reina + Co

I couldn’t leave this one out. I just got back from a 4-day retreat in San Diego where we chatted business, sales and strategy. There’s no substitute for connecting in-person and at this event we were giving equal parts valuable information we could actually use and the time consider how we’d apply it. While it hasn’t been offered again yet, I am partnering with Reina to host a VIP Intensive for Passive Income in Washington DC, July 12 through 13, 2017. Check that out here.


What have been your favourite program investments so far?

Tell me in the comments!

 Amber McCue video series


*some of the links above are affiliate links to programs or services I use and love which means if you purchase through my link I may receive a commission.

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