Take Back December - Free 10 Day Email Course

Want to take December off and still grow your business? Sign up for the FREE 10-Day Take Back December E-Course

Here’s what you’ll walk away from this e-course with:

  • 4 weeks of content pre-scheduled and automated so you can celebrate the holidays guilt-free
  • A While-You’re-Away checklist to put your mind at ease while you’re sipping eggnog (or your particular libation of choice)
  • A complete system that you can use again and again whenever you feel the need to take a break without losing any momentum

This challenge works for any industry that blogs or releases content regularly – so sign up to take back your December!

Sign up for 10 Day Take Back December ECourse

What you get in this free e-course

✓ 10 daily emails with simple activities to get your content-house in order for your holiday

✓ PDF worksheets to guide you in completing the daily activities

✓ Access to the Content Empire Facebook group where I will be brainstorming & masterminding with you to solve your biggest content woes and celebrating your big & small content wins

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