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Map Out Your Sales Funnel Live & In Real Time

Solve the mystery of how sales funnels work by joining this free class. You’ll discover the psychology behind why a successful funnel needs 3 distinct phases to sell your product.

During this masterclass, you’ll cultivate a sales funnel that positions you as the expert, applies your best content, & makes buying from you a no brainer (on autopilot).

You’ll also discover how to measure if the funnel works, and which existing content you can use to effortlessly turn subscribers to buyers.

With a comprehensive planning sheet you complete during the webinar, all you have to do is plug your content into your email system and watch the sales roll in 🙂

What You’ll Learn

Point  How to use your funnel to create a total brand experience for your new subscribers

PointAn overview of your funnel and how all the pieces work together

PointHow to measure your funnel to find out what’s working and to optimize what isn’t working

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